"Xavier Brouwer's confident, always tuneful score takes its cue from ecclesiastical music and 19th century folk songs and ballads, and interesting arrangements and sonorities emerge to offer surprises"

Saint Mary MacKillop was an Australian Catholic born to a Scottish migrant family in Melbourne in the 19th century.

She co-founded an order of Religious Sisters called the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart which established schools, refuges, orphanages, reformatories and providences for the poor across Australia and New Zealand.

She is one of the most significant historical and religious figures in Australian history, and became Australia's first Catholic saint on October 17th 2010.

This fully-scored musical uses music of the era, including traditional Scottish, Irish and Australian folk, to paint impressions of her life, faith and times. MACKILLOP is an accessible theatre, arena or concert work that is available for productions by secondary schools, community, parish, opera, operetta and musical production companies worldwide.