Frequently Asked Questions
Is the musical suitable for children?

The musical can be performed by secondary school (high school) students and older, however it does have a main children's role and a Kids' Chorus which can be performed by either junior high school students or primary school children.

As far as rating the content goes, parental guidance is recommended as there are some emotional scenes such as Mary's excommunication and the lead-up to the hanging of the convicted murderer Fagan, however many primary school aged children have enjoyed being in or watching the show.

Will only Catholics enjoy the musical?

The musical was written to be historically accurate, so the religious tone and culture portrayed reflect those of the Catholic Church in the 19th century. It also explores Mary's spirituality and how she gained much of the strength to continue her demanding work by drawing on her faith.

In addition to these religious and spiritual themes, the musical also paints a picture of life in Australia at that time and explores the themes of immigration and social justice and is therefore readily accessible to anyone who has a general interest in the history of Australia and its people.

As the music is a hybrid of 19th century opera and folk and 20th century musical theatre styles, it can also be enjoyed by lovers of opera, operetta and musical theatre.

Is there comedy?

Although the musical portrays many challenging and dramatic experiences in Mary's life, it also has a number of lighter-hearted moments, the Italian fruiterer being an audience favourite!

How large does the cast have to be?

The minimum cast size is:

These chorus numbers can be increased substantially to involve more singers and dancers if required.