Demonstration Recordings
Below are four demonstration recordings:

Mary of the Cross

Mary struggles with the choice of looking after her family or following her spiritual calling
Sung by Jacqui Moore

Hand in Hand

Mary consoles her friend Joanna who has a disabled son
Sung by Jacqui Moore and Michaela Philp

Path of the Cross

After being unjustly excommunicated, Mary re-affirms her faith unwaveringly
Sung by Jacqui Moore

We Are But Travellers Here

Mary compares her personal travels to the journey of life
Sung by Michaela Philp

The musical is fully scored for 18 instruments:

The rehearsal piano-vocal score or a CD backing track can be used for performances if it is too difficult to assemble the orchestra. On the other hand, the string section can be expanded with extra players if resources allow.